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A Proven Leader Delivering Results for Our Community
Hi, I'm Marli Larimer. I'm a Kentwood graduate, mom of two teens, a digital marketing director by day, and a Kent City Councilmember by night. It's an honor to serve the community that nutured me in my youth and welcomed me back when my husband and I chose to return in 2009 to raise our family here.  

And raise them we did - they are now two busy teenagers attending Northwood and Kentridge. So I know how tough it can be to balance work, family, sports, dance, PTA, pets and more.

Despite this, I knew I wanted to serve, and when the opportunity presented itself, I threw my hat in the ring for appointment to council in June 2018, because I wanted more for my city - more small business successes, and more large businesses bringing employment opportunities to Kent. I felt Kent needed more park development and green spaces. Our large pedestrian community required more sidewalks, crosswalks and safety improvments. I also wanted to see more community engagement and responsive government. I wanted to build on our biggest strength - diversity. We are the 7th most diverse city in the nation. 

I was thrilled to win my re-election campaign in 2019, and I've worked hard to represent everybody in Kent.  I appreciate every vote you cast then and hope you feel I've represented you enough to vote for me again in 2023. A lot has changed since 2019. Never did I expect to have to naviagte a city through a global pandemic or work on meaningful police reform in my first term. 

But I and my colleagues rose to the challenge and am proud that we found ways to directly support our small businesses with COVID grants and that I was able to work with both community groups and Kent Police Department members to find a way to maintain full funding while ensuring the police department provides more accountability, mental health support, new training and new policies.  

And speaking of policies, that's where I get really passionate about this job. I've earned a reputation for thouroughly reading policy and strategic plans, and I'm most proud that I'm a working policy maker, I don't rubber-stamp policy without due dilligence.

You've trusted me with this responsibility and I will never take that for granted.

Thank you for trusting me again in 2023,



Clockwise above: Marli and son in Kent parade, Marli and fellow councilmembers, Marli campaigning at Cornucopia Days, Marli supporting refugeee voter resigistration, Marli and husband enjoying a night out in Kent. 


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Above: Marli, her daughter (the one in the Percy Jackson cosplay) and friends at the annual Meeker Street Nerd Party.

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